Vava Vanilla

Vava Vanilla seduces your taste buds with its alluring natural vanilla flavor and charms your pants off with its creamy texture. It’s like a gentle whisper in your ear, promising a morning of indulgence and bliss.

This sweet delight is made with the finest organic vanilla beans, creating a rich and authentic experience. The result? A flavor that's so robust, it'll leave you weak in the knees.

And the best part… Dilettoso mixes are thoughtfully crafted with organic oat flour; a gluten-free alternative that adds a creamy, dreamy texture to baked goods. Each velvety smooth bite will leave a glowing smile on your face and keep you coming back for more.

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Stefania Dilettoso
The founder reviewing her own products? You bet.

Nobody knows them better that I do!
What I put into my body really matters to me, and therefore I am committed to quality. We only use the best quality ingredients, hence the Organic Certification. Each and every ingredient is Certified Organic. Unfortunately, most brands don’t follow this route because it affects cost. It is a choice. And I choose Quality, today and always.
Now, quick feedback as a customer, just like you! I noticed some changes while using the mix at high altitude, as well as when I use a gas stove vs induction. My suggestion is to adjust, depending on your location and kitchen. Maybe you need to add more liquid or extend the cooking time. But don’t worry, my team and I will share with you some tips & tricks, to always get the best and yummiest results. If you are a pancakes lover, there is nothing worse than chewy pancakes, are you with me? There is a way to avoid that: don’t over mix the batter, just whisk gently until smooth. Okay, I’m getting hungry now.
Enjoy your Dilettoso mixes, and have fun in the kitchen.
With Amore,

Stefania Dilettoso

I am actually a chef?

For the first time ever I made pancakes that didn't look like a goopy mess! I went all the way with eggs and oil (which is a lot to considering my kitchen skills) and truly shocked how good it tasted when I was done. Got my new weekend routine!

Daniel Ruiz
Spectacular and convenient!

I love to cook and do it on daily basis, I’ve also been in the restaurant industry for over a decade so, I’ve literally tried and worked with hundreds of products throughout the years and must say that the flavor profile, taste, convenience and presentation of this product is outstanding! If you’re on the fence, don’t be and thank me later! Highly recommended

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