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Dilettoso provides young & busy adults who are learning to bake with easy-to-use, nutritional products.

We do this by creating simple recipes, providing a fun environment to try something new, and building online communities to learn & share with others.

Hot in the Kitchen

Stefania Dilettoso, creator of Dilettoso Brands, grew up in Milan, Italy with her loving family. In their house, family was everything.

Stefania’s parents enjoyed spending quality time with each other by cooking together in the kitchen every weekend. She loved watching them create as a couple because they put so much joy and passion into their dishes. This is where her love for baking was born.

Baking is the sexiest form of culinary delight. Can you think of anything more desirable than your partner (in a cute apron) pulling something hot and fresh out of the oven? Then you sneak up behind them and share a warm embrace. It’s heavenly.

Stefania knows a thing or two about baking and let’s be honest... Italians are known for being sexy. With those two incredible assets, she’ll bring excitement into your apron. It’s no surprise that when you’re baking with Dilettoso, it’s going to get hot in the kitchen.

An Inspired Mix of Old World Italy and Modern Miami

As a child, Stefania spent many summers in Sicily learning how to bake with her Grandma. Of course, everything in southern Italy is made from’s the only way. So naturally, these two made the most amazing creations together.

As a young adult, Stefania moved to Miami, Florida to explore a new culture. The colorful buildings, art deco, and non-stop nightlife of Miami are so different from the gorgeous, peaceful, high-fashion streets of Milan... but she loves them both.

Although these cities are different, something unique about each of them works well together. That is what inspired the Dilettoso design. It embraces the Old World Style of Italy and puts a Modern Miami spin on it; bright lights and delectable eats.

It’s Ohhh-So Exciting

Through years of exploring in the kitchen, one valuable lesson that Stefania learned is that it’s ok to make mistakes as long as you’re learning and having fun.’s even more enjoyable when you’re surrounded by those who can laugh with you.

That’s what inspired her to make these easy-to-use mixes, delicious recipes, and online baking community. She wants to spread joy so everyone can try something new and have a good time in the kitchen. 

She’ll guide you along the way with simple recipes & fresh how-to videos. Plus, you can join her intimate community where you’ll learn together and share your results (successful or not!). The important thing is that you’re being adventurous and having fun.

That’s our challenge to you. Whether it’s your first time putting on an apron or feeling like a master baker, we want you to be daring with your creations. You’ll be delightfully surprised how trying one new thing in the kitchen can make you more adventurous in other parts of your life. It’s true. Dilettoso makes everything ohhh-so exciting!

What does it mean to be Delightfully Daring?

It’s no surprise that the name Dilettoso in Italian means delightful. To be delightful is to evoke a positive and enjoyable experience with qualities such as beauty, charm, and pleasing nature.

Being delightful is sweet, but sometimes you need to add a little spice to keep things interesting. What’s the secret ingredient to a spicier adventure? Let go of perfection and be daring.

Ignite the senses by trying something new…explore…create… be anything but boring and predictable. At Dilettoso, we want to whisk you away from the norm and encourage you to unleash your naughty side.

So, slip into that apron, tie it tight, and let your Delightfully Daring spirit permeate into every delectable creation.