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Have a Quicky
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June 1st-20th

20 days = 20 Prizes

We're randomly surprising 20 customers with a Waffle Maker Kit: Dilettoso Pancake & Waffle Mix + a 7" Waffle Maker!! You could be selected to win!

See here for Official Rules

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To Devour

Want to explore and make magic with a handful of your Quicky-Mix? It's on. Get ready to sink your teeth into these delectable goodies.

Tasty Reviews


Oats with Personality!

I love that it's made of oats so it's gluten-free, but full of flavor. These mixes make my breakfast exciting and motivate me to eat cleaner without giving up pleasure. Highly recommend.


Flippin' Fantastic Pancake Mix!!!

This pancake mix so easy to whip up! Whether you're a seasoned chef or a breakfast novice, this mix will make you look like a culinary genius. My kids are constantly asking, "can we have the vanilla pancakes for breakfast?!


Exceptional Mix

This mix is truly extraordinary. Its delectable aroma and rich, creamy vanilla flavor create an unparalleled breakfast experience. The pancakes are light, fluffy, and have a hint of sweetness.


Super versatile

I love how many different treats you can make with the same mix and by just adding few ingredients. It really makes my baking easy and fun! And it's healthy.


Great Gluten-Free Mix!

The Vava Vanilla mix is a delicious option for pancakes or waffles. Their fluffy texture (less dense than most gluten-free mixes) and light vanilla flavor make for a perfect breakfast for those with gluten intolerance or anyone looking for a tasty morning meal!


Love it!

This mix is fantastic! It's so quick and easy to work with and I can get breakfast on the table in no time flat. The flavor is delicious and I love how versatile it is, I can't wait to make more recipes with it! I have tried so many gluten free mixes in the past that leave a lot to be desired but this one really fulfills all of my pancake cravings, it's going to be a pantry staple for sure!

Wake Up With Dilettoso

See why everyone flips for our Pancakes & Waffles

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Where did she get her inspiration to create these amazing, easy-to-use baking mixes?